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The Communications office promotes evangelization by ensuring the voice of the shepherd of the Diocese is heard throughout the Diocese by broadcasting/ passing his messages and other programs and projects of the Diocese within and outside the Diocese. It also facilitates information sharing between parishes, religious groups’ activities, and other relevant activities that support the church mission of evangelization and promotion of integral human development. This we do through broadcast, print, and social media including the diocese owned Mitume radio, diocesan publications and social media platforms.

The communications office also coordinates a network of parish communication agents who help in sharing information on what is happening across the parishes. The essence of this is to ensure all Christians are updated on what is happening in other parishes hence contribute to ensuring a diocese that is ‘journeying together’. Through this sharing of information, different religious groups or parishes are also able to learn (from one another) some of the best practices that promote growth of faith.

Parish Communication Agents

Social Media

CDK Parish Communication Agents

Catholic Diocese of Kitale is making use of the new media as a platform to meet its communication needs. We are present on our website and on Facebook page Catholic Diocese of Kitale. Visit and interact with us.
Catholic Diocese of Kitale Communications team is headed by the Director of Communications; under whom there is a Communications Coordinator and Radio Operations manager. The Communications Coordinator oversees the print, social media and Website. Radio manager oversees the daily operations of Mitume Radio.
Currently, Very Rev. Fr. Micah Kemboi is the Director of Communications, Morline Olala is the Communications Coordinator, and Samwel Abesi is the Radio Operations manager.


Our Publications

This is a weekly publication containing briefs on some activities carried out by the departments and parishes. It also gives information on upcoming events and activities within the Diocese.
Is a yearly newsletter focusing on education matters in the Diocese. It gives comprehensive analysis of progress and performance of Catholic Diocese of Kitale sponsored schools in the national examinations as well as how other Diocese departments work to support education. This newsletter is produced during Education day.
Other publications are event specific e.g. Ordination magazines.

Mitume Radio

Mitume Radio

Is the Broadcast wing of CKD Communications. Apart from its operations as mainstream media, Mitume radio has a rich Catholic Content in its programming. It broadcasts live Mass, as well as Diocesan events and activities. Different programs/Departments of the Diocese have time slots where they educate, inform or create awareness on different projects they run. Tune in to Mitume Radio through Frequency 89.7fm and online link