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Goseta Diocesan Center is located in Goseta, along the Kitale-Kapenguria road. It is 300m from Emoru junction near St. Joseph the worker –Hema School. The center was established with the efforts of Rt. Rev. Maurice Crowley and some members of the diocesan CMA to serve as retirement home for priests. The initial plan of building a home for retired priests was temporarily shelved and a resource center was built so as to sustain the programs of the retirement home. The center now hosts two priests; Fr. Joseph Odongo and Fr. Sammy Marango, who run the programs in the center.
Goseta Diocesan Center offers It provides a conducive space and facilities for corporate meetings, retreats, seminars, trainings, and workshops for capacity building with an array of possibilities for bonding and team building activities.
The Center has several meeting halls and a cafeteria. It boasts of a quiet and serenely beautiful environment with an ample parking space. It is easily accessible from the main road. Parishes, schools, pastoral groups, organizations, parish councils are encouraged to come and enjoy the services of Goseta Diocesan Center to utilize our facility as a way of supporting our diocese and the clergy, who continually support us physically, emotionally and above all spiritually.

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