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CJPD Kitale (Catholic Justice and Peace Department) is a branch of the National and Universal Justice and Peace commission of the Catholic Church that was established in the diocese of Kitale in the year 1998.

The department’s mission is to bring the Gospel values of Justice, Peace, Joy, hope and liberation into every aspect of human existence. At the time of its inception, there were rampant human right violations such as; arbitrary arrests, police torture, female genital mutilation and early marriages, forced evictions, discrimination against women and lack of equal protection of the law especially among the poor and vulnerable persons to name but a few.

It is from the foregoing that the commission initiated various strategies to intervene in the violations. The commission has and is working in the expansive North Rift region.

Mr. Edward Shibanda
CJPD Coordinator
  1. Enhance citizens’ participation and accountable use and management of public funds especially at these period of new social justice dispensation;
  2. Administration of Lenten campaign activities in the Diocese
  3. Promote the realization of Human Rights and access to Justice among the poor and vulnerable in the society;
  4. Promote peaceful co-existence among the warring communities of the North Rift and those bordering North Eastern Regions of Uganda
  5. Enhance capacity of the staffs to deliver quality results;
  6. Eradicate injustice in society wherever it is seen to exist.
  7. Coordinate Justice and Peace programs at parish, deanery and diocesan levels.
  8. Promote harmony among people through social gatherings.
  9. Create awareness through advocacy on the role of the church on promotion of justice and peace and responsibility of Christians.
  10. Establish structures for peace and reconciliation.
  11. Co-operate with other institutions, churches and people in the eradication of injustice in society.
  12. Liaise with the National Justice and Peace Commission and co-operate in their formation programs and Lenten campaigns.
  13. Promote reconciliation and peaceful coexistence among people

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