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Brief History

Mitume Pastoral and Catechetical Centre was opened in August 1973 as a training center for Catechists. At that time, it was part of the Catholic Diocese of Eldoret. Initially the Center had accommodation rooms for only 28 catechists. It was at about the beginning of the 1980s that a third block of bedrooms was added to the centre. This time the bedrooms were bigger, with space for two beds.
Up until the early 1990s, a course of twelve weeks was offered for catechists at the centre twice each year. The sisters who comprised the staff of the centre were the Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of Africa (MSOLOA).
1985 – 1987, the regular courses for catechists ceased to be as the centre was made available for courses of in service training in religious educational primary school teachers, a programme overseen by the Kenyan Bishop’s Conference. The director of this program was Rev. Fr. Anthony Shayo of the Catholic Diocese of Ngong.
1988 -1990, the centre’s regular courses for catechist resumed. When the catechists’ courses were not in session, the staff of the centre were available to offer workshops in parishes to which they were invited. The Centre was used by other groups of lay Catholics for short residential workshops on topics such as the Bible, leadership, family life, formation of youths, among others.
From 1990 to 1992 during the tenure Mr. Terry Hanley, a lay missionary from Australia, as director of the centre, the Bishop of Eldoret agreed to increase the Ctaechist’s course from 12 to 15 weeks. A short course in pastoral counseling was also added to the catechist’s program.
1982 to 1984 under Very Rev. Fr. Benjamin Kiriswa, a short course in Church History was added to the catechists’ program.
One of the early Kenyan sisters to be appointed to the teaching staff was sister Baptist of the Assumption Sisters of Eldoret (ASE). Since the 1980s the Assumption Sisters of Eldoret had been involved in the work of Mitume Pastoral and Catechetical Centre as teachers and/or cateresses.
The directors of Mitume Pastoral and Catechetical Centre Mitume Centre before establishment of Kitale Diocese;
• 1973 –1997: Rev. Fr. Fintan McDonald
• 1979 – 1982: Rev. Fr. Joe Taylor
• 1982 –1984 Very Rev. Fr. Benjamin Kiriswa
• 1985 – 1987: Rev. Fr. Anthony Shayo of Ngong Diocese
• 1990 – 1992: Mr. Terry Hanley
• 1993 – 1995: Rev. Fr. Stephen Njue;
• 1997 – 1997: Rev. Fr. Mathias Mulumba;
• 1st half of 1998: Rev. Fr. Daniel Nakameti
• June 1998: Rev. Fr. Joseph Kahiga
In August 1998, the diocese of Kitale was established from Eldoret Diocese. Mitume Pastoral and Catechetical Centre became part of Kitale Diocese.
Its directors have since been:
• 1998-2004: Rev. Cosmas Ngomba. During this time the catechists’ course was increased from 15 to 16 weeks.
• 2004 -2006: Rev. Patrick Murunga (from the diocese of Kakamega)
• 1st half of 2007: Rev. Joseph Mutuku (Machakos)
• Mid-2007 to mid-2008 Rev. Cosmas Ngumba
• 2010-2017Rev. Fr. James Oranga
• 2017 to date: Rev. Fr. James Ndombi
For a year and a half from mid-2008 to the end of 2009, regular courses for catechists were not offered by the centre. During this time, some renovations were carried out on the centre. Rev. Fr. James Khaemba was the caretaker of the centre.
The Centre resumed its regular courses for catechists at the beginning of 2010, with Rev. Fr. James Oranga as director. The current director is Rev. Fr. James Ndombi who is also the diocesan Pastoral Director.
Since Mitume Pastoral and Catechetical Centre opened over 3,000 people have completed the resident catechetical course of 12 to 16 weeks. In addition to its two regular courses for catechists each year, the Centre has offered a short introductory catechetical course of three weeks (once a year). And from time to time short refresher courses have also been offered when students are in recess.

i. Train pastoral agents for the church
ii. Offer catechesis
iii. Train Parish leaders
iv. Offer short refresher/in-service courses
v. Offer short residential workshops on topics such as the Bible, leadership, family life, formation of youth, among others.
vi. Offer ToT Training for different groups/programs
vii. Serve as a formation centre for various congregations

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