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Mitume Radio

Who We Are

Mitume Radio is a community based radio station that upholds the principles and values of the catholic church. A project of the catholic diocese of Kitale operating under Kenya Conference of
Catholic Bishops- Commission for Social Communications.
We are a community radio station with programs that are educative, entertaining, social and informative.


To be a dependable media for religious, edutainment and social development.


Committed to build a community that embrace cultural diversity, co-existence that promotes
holistic development. Being the mirror and voice of the community.

How We Do It

  • We broadcast in Swahili language.
  • We embrace listener feedback through call-ins, messages and social media comments and reactions.
  •  We offer live interactive radio talk shows with experts from different fields.
  • We do outside broadcast services within and without our reach using new technology.
  • We offer educational programmes that empower our listeners across our reach.
Samwel Abesi
Radio Operations Manager

Our Coverage

We are located at the heart of Trans Nzoia County,Kitale town at The Cathedral Church of Immaculate Conception in Catholic Diocese of Kitale. Our frequency covers the expansive catholic diocese of Kitale which is made up of Trans Nzoia and West Pokot counties. However, we cover parts of Kakamega, Bungoma, Uasin Gishu, Elgeyo Markwet counties and Eastern Uganda. Our program content suits all audience of all agegroups using state-of-the art equipment and digital transmission. We are the best media to reach and inform your target demographic. We are also an online radio, apart from getting us on 89.7FM; listeners all over the world can also enjoy our programs and news on Our main aim is to be the voice of the community and give them a chance to air their challenges and finding solutions for development purposes. We serve a geographical population of 2 million people with a total listenership of 250,000 per day.

Albert Juma
Fred Namutembi
Emily Wechuli
David Chibeu
Amos Changalwa
Geofrey Kipsigey
Immaculate Wesonga
John Matere
Marvin Khaemba
Monicah Nyele
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Advertisement Services

  • Commercial Advertisements
  • Music Promotions
  • Live Coverage of Events
  • Funeral and Casual Announcements
  • Programme sponsorships
  • Radio talk shows

Radio Programmes

  • 5-10am- Mitume Breakfast
  • 10-1pm-Jitume
  • 1-3pm-Serebuka
  • 3-4pm-Catholic Hour
  • 4-8pm-Mitume Drive
  • 8-12am-Kimasomaso
  • 5-7am-Mwanga Wa Sabato
  • 7-10am-Raha Ya Watoto
  • 10-1pm-Hadubini Ya Lugha
  • 1-4pm-Rhumba Ezala
  • 4-8pm-Worship Junction
  • 8pm-12am-Jukwaa La Siasa
  • 5-7am-Twende Kanisani
  • 7-8am-Live Mass
  • 8-11am-Baraka Za Jumapili
  • 11-1pm-Live Mass
  • 1-4pm-Sanaa Na Talanta
  • 4-7pm-Hazina Ya Misa
  • 7-12am-Imani Yetu
  • 6-6:30am-Voice Of America
  • 7-7:30am-Live Mass
  • 3:30-4pm-Vatican News
  • 7:30-8pm-Rozary
  • Sala Na Tafakari-5:15am Weekdays
  • Mtakatifu Wa Siku-11:30am Weekdays
  • Mitume Shambani-9:15 Am Weekdays and 9:15 Pm On Mondays.
  • Chimbuko La Afya-4:15 Pm Weekdays and 9:15 Pm On Thursdays
  • Miale Ya Siasa-1:15 Pm and 9:15 Pm Wednesdays
  • Dondoo Za Fulusi-9:15 Pm On Tuesdays.
  • Jicho La Tatu-8:57 Pm Weekdays
  • Mundu Khu Mundu-Weekends
  • Daftari-1:15 Pm and 8:45 Pm On Fridays
  • Taswira Wiki Hii-Weekends

Radio Departments

  • News
  • Digital
  • Production
  • Programmes
  • Public Relations and Marketing
  • Religious Content