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Office of the Bishop

Office of the Bishop

The management of the entire diocese is vested in his Lordship the Bishop. The Bishop is appointed by the Supreme Pontiff of the Roman Catholic Church. In hierarchical communion, the Bishop is the Sacramental Head of the Diocese, the Portion of the people of God “in which the one, holy, Catholic and apostolic church of Christ is truly present and operative.” (can. 369). The Bishop’s power in the diocese is supreme. Canon 381 defines the Bishop’s power “as ordinary, proper and immediate.” He is the legal holder of all assets, properties, projects and programs in the diocese.
In exercise of his powers, and in some cases as provided in the code of canon law, the Bishop may delegate part of his authority to any priest of the Diocese. The organs, offices, departments, sections, institutions and units in the structure exist at his discretion and/or with his approval.
The current Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale is Rt. Rev. Henry Juma Odonya. He was appointed by Pope Francis on 4 th November 2022 and was installed on 21 st January 2023. He is the second Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale.

Rt. Rev. Henry Juma Odonya

Vicar General

The Vicar General (VG) is appointed by the Bishop “to assist him in the governance of the whole diocese” (can. 475 – 482). He has ordinary executive powers in the diocese and acts on behalf of the Bishop in the duties assigned to him. The current V.G of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale is Very Rev. Fr. Micah Kibet Kemboi.

Very Rev. Fr. Micah Kibet Kemboi

Rev. Fr. James Oranga

Diocesan Secretary

In most diocesan structures, the Chancellor is the Vicar General. However, the Catholic Diocese of Kitale has established the office of a Diocesan Secretary (DS) below in hierarchy, to the Vicar General. At this level, the Diocesan Secretary is delegated the responsibility of coordinating the pastoral and development programs and activities of the diocese.
The Diocesan Secretary oversees the general administration of the diocese, all personnel matters and the diocesan archives. He is answerable to the Bishop but he is supervised by the Vicar General in all his duties. The DS is for all intends and purposes, seen as the assistant to the VG.
The Current Diocesan Secretary of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale is Rev. Fr. James Oranga.


The Communications office promotes evangelization by ensuring the voice of the shepherd of the Diocese is heard throughout the Diocese by broadcasting/ passing his messages and other programs and projects of the Diocese within and outside the Diocese. It also facilitates information sharing between parishes, religious groups’ activities, and other relevant activities that support the church mission of evangelization and promotion of integral human development. This we do through broadcast, print, and social media including the diocese owned Mitume radio, diocesan publications and social media platforms.

The communications office also coordinates a network of parish communication agents who help in sharing information on what is happening across the parishes. The essence of this is to ensure all Christians are updated on what is happening in other parishes hence contribute to ensuring a diocese that is ‘journeying together’. Through this sharing of information, different religious groups or parishes are also able to learn (from one another) some of the best practices that promote growth of faith.

Resource Mobilization

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