Catholic Diocese of Kitale

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Pastoral Office

About the Office

The Diocesan Pastoral Director is appointed by the Bishop to be responsible for coordinating all pastoral-related commissions, committees and departments within the pastoral division. He is responsible for the effective performance of the diocesan, deanery and pastoral councils. He facilitates and co-ordinates the yearly pastoral plans and reports of all diocesan committees and departments in the pastoral division.
The Pastoral Director is supervised by the Pastoral Council.The mission of the pastoral directorate is to promote the saving mission of Christ and living witness to the Gospel; by meeting the spiritual and integral human needs of all people, with a preferential option for the poor and marginalized and those with unique needs; through effective and deeper evangelization of the entire family of God and in the light of the Church, based on the principles and values of justice, fairness, liberty, communion, sharing truth and openness.
Prior to the establishment of the Pastoral Directorate in 1999, the Mitume Pastoral and Catechetical Centre in Kitale was responsible for the planning and coordination of all pastoral activities such as training of Catechists, Parish Council leaders, SCC leaders, Parish Resource Teams, etc. the Pastoral Director is the link between the Diocese and the KCCB pastoral department. He oversees the implementation of pastoral programs as directed by the Kenya Conference of Catholic Bishops. The current Pastoral Director of the Diocese is Rev. Fr. James Ndombi who is also the Director of the Mitume Pastoral and Catechetical Centre.

Rev. Fr. James Ndombi
Pastoral Director

Our Parishes

Below is a list of all our parishes:

  • Immaculate Conception Cathedral
  • St. John and Priscilla Sirende
  • St. Francis of Assisi Kapkoi parish
  • St. Peter’s Kaplamai parish
  • St. John the Baptist Kachibora parish
  • St. Paul’s Benon parish
  • St. Francis Suwerwa parish
  • St. Patrick’s Kibomet parish
  • St. Patricks Kipsaina parish
  • St. Francis Kapsara
  • St. Paul’s Bwayi
  • Emmanuel Barbaton parish
  • St. Peter’s Claver Kiminini parish
  • St. Josephs parish
  • Holy Trinity Saboti parish
  • Christ the king mitume
  • St. Kizito Matisi
  • St. Pius Endebess
  • St. Andrew Kaggwa Kwanza
  • St. Zeno’s Kolongolo
  • Holy Family Chepchoina
  • Our Lady of Assumption Makutano
  • St. Teresa’s Tartar parish
  • St. Charles Lwanga Kapenguria parish
  • St. Peters Kabichbich Parish
  • Mother of Peace Amakuriat parish
  • Kaptabuk parish
  • Holy Cross Kacheliba parish
  • Ortum parish
  • St. Paul’s P’Sigor parish
  • Lomut parish
  • The Risen Christ Chepnyal parish
  • Christ the King Mbara parish
  • St. Brandon Chepareria parish
  • St. Anthony Sina Parish