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The Vocations Department of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale was established to create awareness about vocations to priesthood and religious life, and prepare, guide, and recommend interested candidates to different seminaries and formation centers. This office recruits to the diocese; in consultation with the Bishop and the vocations team, those young men who have the desire to serve God as clerics. The department is headed by the Vocations Director who is appointed by the Bishop. The Vocations Director accompanies aspirants in discerning their vocations to Priesthood and assists them to make free choice and to be committed to their call. He, together with his team, accompanies those on formation in their journey, listens to their challenges and concerns, and makes follow up visits to the seminaries.
The Vocations Director coordinates the office of the Bishop, priests, religious men and women and the Christian faithful to work together in their shared responsibilities and co-operation in recruitment and formation of young people into mature Christians and clergymen. The current Vocations Director of the Catholic Diocese of Kitale is Rev. Fr. Samwel Marango.

Rev. Fr. Samwel Marango
Vocations Director
Vocations Director with Seminarians
Bishop Henry with Seminarians, Vocations Director, Priests and Sisters